Shattering Glass

These teenagers are doing a little bit of everything. Simon, Coop, and Young hacked the grade book system and changed their grades. Then they went to the kid named Rob and looked at his information. While they were looking, they discovered how he had lied about where he had cam from before moving to the school. They even said that he lied about what his name was. He didn’t say what his whole name was so when they looked, they saw that his last isn’t really his last name. It’s his middle name that’s his last name. I don’t get that but that is just what it said. Then they just kept looking and it told Rob’s Parents’ information. It showed the three boys where they live, where they work or worked, and their names. I honestly think that they shouldn’t be doing that anyway because that’s wrong and they are checking and changing the grades from the grade book. They should earn the grades because if they don’t earn that mean that they were playing in class. If they pay attention, they wouldn’t have to change the grades. Rob doesn’t even know that they are looking at his profile. Most likely if he finds out they did it, he will be completely mad and upset. All they want to do is go up there and check the grade but they are changing them too. School is for learning, and when you learn, the work gets easier and the grades get better.



Bloggers, so far in my book, the kid named Sammy figured out who the hotel thief was. It was a guy named Oscar that was a ice cream man. She sneaked up on him and he saw her and began to chase her. She went to a building and hid behind a dumpster and hid from him. He heard a loud sigh and started backing up and looking in the trash can. He thought Sammy was in the dumpster so he got in and she shut the top over Oscar’s head. Then she started calling for help and then Officer Borsch and the skinny officer showed up and arrested the man. I think that Oscar will stay in jail due to stealing the money from a lady’s purse.

Sammy Keyes and the Hotel Thief

Welcome to My blog Readers.

In my book,there is this thief that breaks into a room on the fourth floor. There is a lady’s purse that he spots when he gets in and he gets to it and steals the money. While he’s in the hotel room, his body figure is in the way of the window. This kid had a pair of binoculars and spotted from across the street. He started waving at the thief and then ran. While the kid was running, he ran into some cops and one of them looked familiar. After he saw them, he started back running and being about his business. What the kid was trying to find out was how the thief got pass the people who work in the hotel. Then he went to the room where the lady was and she said she was home but she just didn’t hear the guy break in.